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Commercial Mold Removal in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas

If you suspect there might be mold growths in your Houston commercial property, don't risk waiting.

With one call to Boone's Restoration Technologies, you can get full turnkey coverage to rectify the situation. We provide mold testing and inspection, as well as remediation and removal, to quickly find and remove all mold from your Houston property. We understand that your business can't afford to close for days, which is why our commercial services are fast and efficient. For mold abatement and mitigation from an experienced team, you can trust, call Boone's Restoration.

Commercial Mold Removal in Magnolia, TX

Commercial Mold Abatement & Mitigation Services in Houston

Keeping your Houston commercial property mold-free starts with hiring an expert mold abatement and mitigation team. Our team at Boone's Restoration has been serving the Houston area since 1991, and we bring our expertise to each service. From mold testing and inspection to remediation and removal, we provide complete, turnkey services that will ensure your property is free of all invasive molds. For commercial services from a Houston team you can trust with the experience you need, look no further than Boone's Restoration Technologies.

Affordable Mold Remediation & Removal for Houston Businesses

When you discover mold in your Houston property, you don't have the time to sift through all the options of mold experts in the area. You want an experienced team with affordable prices and a quick turnaround. With Boone's Restoration, you can have all of that. Our team has served the Houston area since 1991, providing quality and prompt services ranging from mold testing and inspection to abatement and mitigation. What's more, we keep our prices competitive, meaning you can be rid of mold in short order and without spending a fortune.

Keep Your Employees & Customers Safe From Mold

Working with Boone's Restoration means that your employees and customers won't have to worry about the air quality or mold infestations on your property. Our team is thorough and quick, rooting out mold in every nook and cranny. We clean your space and leave no traces behind. On top of that, we offer our customers over 25 years of experience at affordable rates. The safety of your employees and customers is our first concern, not profit. For a Houston team who will work with and for you, be sure to call Boone's Restoration Technologies.

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For over 30 years the Boone’s Restoration family has been serving the Houston area. The company’s mission includes providing quick, competent, appropriate and complete services to all its clients. Brian Boone oversees marketing and acts as technical advisor to his highly trained technicians. Brian has achieved several of the industry’s top certifications, and is one of only seven NIDR Certified Restorers in the state. This is the top certification achievement in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime the moisture levels in your home are at 60% or higher, mold can grow. What's frustrating for many property owners is that they don't see a puddle on the floor or water dripping from the ceiling. When mold grows, the source of the moisture is usually hidden under floorboards or behind walls.

It could be. Because mold spores are microscopic and airborne, you'll end up breathing them into your lungs. Depending on the type of mold and how well your immune system functions, you may develop some serious health symptoms that could result from mold. That's why a mold remediation company takes mold removal so seriously. The space affected by mold is isolated and contained during cleaning, so the spores won't spread to other areas of the house. During the process, the remediation team stays suited up in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

For most surfaces in your home, bleach won't get rid of your mold problem. It's the "iceberg effect." Visible mold is usually a small percentage of the actual amount of mold growth. Bleach can't kill mold on porous surfaces like wood, and while tile or fiberglass surfaces can be cleaned with bleach, often the mold has spread far deeper. The reason why mold remediation companies don't recommend DIY cleanup isn't that they want to make more money. They know, in their experience, that a mold problem is usually far more invasive than can be seen with the naked eye. Simply cleaning the surfaces can provide false assurances that you got rid of the mold, only to have it come back time and time again.

Sometimes mold remediation is included if the cause of the mold was a "covered peril" like a burst hot water heater or water damage caused by firefighters extinguishing a fire in your house. Gradual water damage - like from a leaking pipe or hose - will often cause mold growth, but your insurance coverage will usually not cover that by claiming that it was caused by poor maintenance or neglect. If your insurance company denies your claim, you should request an inspection from a mold remediation company that can help you document the source of the mold.

If the inspection/assessment process was able to pinpoint the source and cause of the mold growth, once that source is repaired, you can be relatively confident about the success of remediation. Ask if your restoration technician has the IICRC certification for "Applied Microbial Remediation Technician." You can also request a "post-remediation mold clearance" from a third-party mold inspector to re-test the area for any remaining traces of mold before the area is treated with a sealer or encapsulant to resist future mold growth.

Insurance coverage is very situationally dependent. Each policy from each different company will have different levels and types of coverage. The best way to know if your damage is covered is to keep a copy of your policy on hand and call your agent directly with any questions you might have.

As a homeowner, seeing your home damaged is extremely stressful and it's difficult to know the right course of action. Will trying to clean up on your own help or just make things worse? No matter what kind of damage you've incurred, the very first thing you should do is take photographs as long as the area is safe for you to be in. If you have water damage, the best thing to do is extract as much standing water as you possibly can while you wait for help. If you have fans, set them to start drying things as much as possible. They won't be enough to completely dry the area, but they can help to minimize the chance of secondary damages. In the event of mold or fire, it's best to just leave the damage alone until a professional can address it. Disturbed mold can disperse spores throughout the home and fire damages can be made worse if improper cleaning techniques are used.

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