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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

There's never a convenient time for fire damage to impact your Houston business. Every minute spent on fire damage cleanup is lost revenue and productivity for your hard earned business. At Boone's Restoration Technologies, we offer a full range of commercial fire damage restoration services, including emergency services. Fire damage needs to be dealt with fast, which is why our team is always available for commercial fire damage repair in Houston. No matter how the fire starts at your building, we have the comprehensive fire damage restoration solutions to put forth a swift, large scale cleanup, and salvage operation.

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Full Scale Fire Damage Restoration Services in Houston

Without a proper response to a fire and smoke damage event, a minor event could turn into a major disaster. Since 1991, Boone's Restoration Services has been a leading company in the Houston area for full scale fire damage restoration services. From an unforeseen electrical accident to an accidental kitchen fire, a careful mix of urgency and resources is critical to saving your Houston property from long lasting smoke and fire damages.

Need Fast Fire Damage Cleanup in Houston

When a fire pops up at your Houston business, you need a team that truly understands the best construction and restoration practices. At Boone's Restoration Technologies, our experts can maintain the complete integrity of your building while performing fast fire damage cleanup. If you don't want the smoke to remain in your walls and carpeting, or mold from the work of putting out the fire to take root, choose a fire damage restoration team that provides comprehensive work.

First Class Fire Damage Repair for Houston Business Owners

The first goal of fire damage repair is to prevent the damage from expanding and save as much of your Houston property as possible to mitigate losses. At Boone's Restoration Technologies, we have been highly regarded in the Houston area since 1991, and that regard comes from an excellent track record in timely fire damage repair. We get you back in business quickly and make your business a safe space again for your employees and clients to operate.

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Call Boone’s Restoration for Trusted Water, Fire, and Mold Restoration in Houston

Damage to your home or business is always stressful, especially when a total restoration is required. Our team is here for Houston when it needs us, with expert water and flooding, fire and smoke, and mold removal services can quickly restore your commercial or residential space back to comfortable and functional condition. Founded in 1991, Boone’s Restoration Technologies has been committed to Houston for decades, and we will continue to serve our community’s homes and businesses with outstanding restorations. Call today for emergency or scheduled services.

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