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Forensic Investigator collecting blood evidence from a crime scene

Crime Scene Cleanup in Houston, TX: Residential & Commercial Crime Scene Cleanup and Sanitation Services

A traumatic injury or death in your Houston property is an upsetting event to deal with, let our technicians shoulder some of the burden for you. Our crime scene cleanup team in Houston will treat your home or business with the utmost respect to restore any damage. The sanitation services that accompany a crime scene cleanup are significantly more comprehensive than what the human eye can detect, ensuring that there is no remaining biohazard risk left behind.

Forensic Investigator Collecting Crime Scene Evidence

Blood and Bodily Fluid Decontamination Services

In the event of an accident or violent death in Houston, it is essential to have professional sanitation services come in to clean up. Blood and other biological fluids pose a serious health hazard, and accidental exposure can cause disease without proper decontamination services. A simple cleaning may not be enough, as fluids can seep into porous materials like wood furniture and even subflooring. Our technicians will assure that all damage and mess are cleaned, returning you Houston property to its original state.

Drug Manufacturing Crime Scene Cleanup in Houston

Sometimes rental properties end up used as the site for drug manufacturing and distribution in Houston. Substances such as methamphetamine can cause dangerous chemicals to penetrate the walls and flooring during the manufacturing process. If your property has been used for these activities, it is essential that you have professional decontamination services so that future Houston tenants are free from the health risks of long term exposure. At Boone’s Restoration, we use state of the art methods to ensure that your Houston property will be safe.

Biohazard Sanitation Services for Houston Residents

When it comes to crime scene cleanup, you need technicians who are well versed in the inherent dangers posed by biological materials. Our team is the most diligent in the Houston area when it comes to ensuring that properties are rendering sanitation services that will make your property safe to occupy again. If there is damaged carpeting, walls, or subflooring, they will make sure that it is replaced and sanitized to the highest standards.

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Call Boone’s Restoration for Trusted Water, Fire, and Mold Restoration in Houston

Damage to your home or business is always stressful, especially when a total restoration is required. Our team is here for Houston when it needs us, with expert water and flooding, fire and smoke, and mold removal services can quickly restore your commercial or residential space back to comfortable and functional condition. Founded in 1991, Boone’s Restoration Technologies has been committed to Houston for decades, and we will continue to serve our community’s homes and businesses with outstanding restorations. Call today for emergency or scheduled services.

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