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Decontamination for Covid-19 in Sugarland, TX: Residential & Commercial Sanitation Services

If you have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 within your home or business, you must have professional sanitation and decontamination services to sterilize your Sugarland property immediately. Decontamination services can stop the disease from spreading any more through surface contact. Stopping this illness from propagating is the highest priority for many. With professional sterilization from Boone’s Restoration Technologies, you can have confidence in the health and safety of those coming in and out of your premises in Sugarland.

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COVID-19 Sanitation Services for Sugarland Businesses

Shutdowns have hit Sugarland businesses hard, and now that locations are being permitted to open up, the possibility that an infected individual may come through your business is a real risk. Exposure could cause further interruption to the service you provide in Sugarland. In case you have had a worker or customer get diagnosed with COVID-19, call us today to set up sanitation services. Our technicians in Sugarland will decontaminate every surface in your property, enabling you to continue business with confidence that you are not continuing to risk the wellbeing of any of your customers or employees.

Protect Your Sugarland Home From COVID-19

COVID-19 infection in your Sugarland household can be frightening and extremely disrupting. Following the sick individual has been taken care of and quarantined, you must have your home properly cleaned to avoid any other occupants from getting sick. At Boone’s Restoration Technologies, our decontamination services are thorough and will make sure that your home is safe to reenter. Dealing with illness can be taxing enough, let us take care of making your Sugarland house safe again.

Disinfection Process for COVID-19 Exposure

Sanitation services following a COVID-19 exposure in Sugarland have to be performed carefully for your safety and the safety of our employees. Proper decontamination services start with the highest level of personal protective products (PPE) to ensure that our technicians are protected while they work. Once safety is ensured, the non-porous surfaces inside your property are sprayed with a disinfectant and thoroughly wiped down. Every small corner and touchable surfaces are cleaned and wiped down to guarantee it is clean. Once our team is finished, they will properly dispose of the used cleaning materials and PPE so that no contaminated materials can leave your Sugarland property.

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Call Boone’s Restoration for Trusted Water, Fire, and Mold Restoration in Sugarland, TX

Damage to your home or business is always stressful, especially when a total restoration is required. Our team is here for Sugarland, TX when it needs us, with expert water and flooding, fire and smoke, and mold removal services can quickly restore your commercial or residential space back to comfortable and functional condition. Founded in 1991, Boone’s Restoration Technologies has been committed to Sugarland, TX for decades, and we will continue to serve our community’s homes and businesses with outstanding restorations. Call today for emergency or scheduled services.

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