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Black mold inspection and removal. A specialist in protective clothing sprays the walls of a house infected with mold. Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray

Mold Remediation in Tomball, TX: Residential & Commercial Mold Removal & Cleanup Services

Even after the mold has been removed, it can feel impossible to scrub away all the signs and stains it leaves behind. Especially in visible places such as, for example, your bathrooms or kitchen, what remains after mold and black mold removal can be just as unsettling as having the mold still there. That’s why Boone’s Restoration Technologies is dedicated not merely to general mold and black mold removal, but to remediation as well. Our residential and commercial services restore your Tomball property to looking and feeling safe again. For expert mold restoration company in the Tomball metropolitan area, click or call now.

Female worker of cleaning service removes mold from wall using spray bottle with mold remediation chemicals, mold removal products and scraper tool.

Make Mold a Distant Memory With Our Residential & Home Services

While most mold remediation companies address side effects and worries, what remains following the job is done can feel just as invasive. Mold staining can linger long after the area is clean, becoming a sore spot in any Tomball home’s bathroom, kitchen, or basement. With Boone’s Restoration, we’ll make mold a distant memory. With over 25 years of experience as a mold restoration company, our team has practiced and proven solutions to restore your Tomball home to normal. Clean out the mold from your Tomball home with a specialist mold restoration company. We’ll help make your home feel like home again.

Turnkey Mold & Black Mold Removal Services for Fast Remediation

All mold can pose a threat to Tomball businesses and homes, but black mold especially. Due to the toxic substances the mold releases, you must hire black mold removal as quickly as possible to avoid long term health complications. Our Tomball team is dedicated to rectifying mold infestations in your house or business. Our residential and commercial services make quick work of black mold, returning your property to a healthy and safe state. Whether you have mold issues in your bathroom, kitchen, attic, or basement, our Tomball team will root it out very quickly.

A Mold Restoration Company With Over 25 Years of Hands-On Experience

At Boone’s Restoration, we have over 25 years of experience serving the Tomball metropolitan area as an expert mold restoration company. In that time, we’ve learned how to spot and treat all types of mold, from attic spaces to basements. Our residential and commercial services are knowledgeable on almost every possible hiding spot for mold. We will check every nook and cranny, removing colonies from hidden beams in your attic or behind cupboards in your bathrooms or kitchen. With this Tomball team on the job, you can be confident no mold will keep hidden.

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Call Boone’s Restoration for Trusted Water, Fire, and Mold Restoration in Tomball, TX

Damage to your home or business is always stressful, especially when a total restoration is required. Our team is here for Tomball, TX when it needs us, with expert water and flooding, fire and smoke, and mold removal services can quickly restore your commercial or residential space back to comfortable and functional condition. Founded in 1991, Boone’s Restoration Technologies has been committed to Tomball, TX for decades, and we will continue to serve our community’s homes and businesses with outstanding restorations. Call today for emergency or scheduled services.

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